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corfu music experiences

Greek Night | Music Stories of a Corfian

Experience Duration

2,5 hrs

Music Genre

Greek, Corfian, international


Old Fortress Corfu

  • Including
  • Entrance to the private location
  • Entrance to the Old Fortress
  • Shuttle Bus to the location (optional)
  • Limited spots available
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✓ Enjoy an intimate Greek and Corfian concert at a hidden location

✓ Take in panoramic views of the old harbor of Corfu and the Sailing Club

✓ Hear stories and anecdotes about Corfu and Greece’s music culture

✓ Interact with some of the best local musicians to learn more about Greek music travel

✓ Enjoy personal care and attention by our hosts and presenter


Corfu is the music island of Greece and through this experience you will get a good taste of all it has to offer. Head to a unique private location right in the heart of Corfu and travel around Corfu and Greece through their music.

Walk through the historic Old Fortress of Corfu until you reach our secret location.

Sofia, the owner of Corfu Music Experiences, having a deep knowledge of her island’s music culture, has prepared for you a unique musical performance full of stories, anecdotes and hand picked songs of Corfu and Greece. She is guided by one the best violinists of Corfu, a jaw-dropping jazz pianist and an adventurous ud player, who will travel Greek music beyond borders.

Immerse yourself in this special atmosphere and get ready for a special evening of music.

Sit back, feel like home and discover Corfu and Greece through their music!


The Sailing Club’s Restaurant is located inside the old fortress of Corfu town. On the north side of the fortress, an old stone-paved street leads you to the harbor of the medieval city of Mandraki, which was the first port of Corfu. The restaurant of the Sailing Club stands there, in a truly idyllic location next to the sea, combining taste and history in a unique way. Learn more about where we will be at: https://corfu-sailing-restaurant.com

What we offer

✓ Admission to the experience

✓ Shuttle Bus to the location (from the entrance of the Old Fortress)

✓ Food & Drinks. A menu especially made for the Jazz in the Heart of Corfu is offered by the Corfu Sailing Restaurant (optional, not included in the price)

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